5th-AnniversaryThis month marked the fifth year anniversary of Bennett Parker Law opening it’s doors to the public. It is hard for us to believe that so much time has passed because it still seems like just yesterday that we were unloading boxes. (In fact, some of those boxes still wait to be unpacked.) However, reality sets in when we hear from our former clients that remind us, “no guys, my case was over 3 years ago.” How time flies….
Although the years have presented us with various challenges, we remained committed to fulfilling our original vision of providing outstanding representation at an affordable price along with an Thank Yousemphasis on the personal relationship. And in return, our clients have gone above and beyond to support our efforts.
Whether by sharing their experiences with their friends, reviewing us online, or cheering about us on social media, our clients have taken it upon themselves to ensure Bennett Parker Law’s continued success. And for that, we could not be more grateful. We do what we do each day because we love it. The fact that we can help people in the process and put their lives on a positive path is a bonus.
Each positive comment, post or review helps get the word out to others who may be unsure about how to proceed. When people do reach out to us, we ask each one how they heard about us and the most common answer is from someone else. We know that such referrals come with an expectation of performance which we are happy to continuously exceed.Business Card Evolution
Over the years, Bennett Parker Law has evolved. What started out as a boutique bankruptcy firm, has now grown into a full fledged consumer law firm handling not only bankruptcies but other practice areas as well. We continue to stay true to our roots and offer free initial consultations in all of our practice areas, something unheard of in our industry. We have become a point of first contact: assessing a variety of legal issues and then offering representation, self-help, or trusted referral options – all at no-charge to the person seeking guidance.
We’ve come a long way since we opened our doors five years ago. This year, we celebrated our anniversary with some notable improvements. First, we started the month by holding a photo shoot to update our photos. Second, we settled on and approved a firm logo (five years in the making) which was revealed mid-month. Jen DeskFinally, we ended the month with the launch of our new website and this blog.
As we forge ahead into to year six, we take this moment to pause and look back and thank those who have gotten us to this point. Thank-you to our clients, former clients, friends, fans and supporters! Without you all, we would not be here.


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